Building A Mobile-First Interactive Video

According to the studies on the correlation between movie genre and global box office returns, Asian film market seemingly prefers action films with Hollywood-standard production. It makes sense considering the cultural differences between the East and West. Action has a universal language – actions films feature extensive chases, fights, explosions, stunts, and CGI effects, which appeals to, and connects with non-US audiences without any culture or language barrier.


From global contestants application, events, action star reality show to awarding new generation of champions, signing and training new generation of action stars, Fight to Fame empowers those contestants to fight into Hollywood and becomeHollywood international movie stars. Fight to Fame has officially established partnerships with Hollywood famous films companies to co-produce batches ofHollywood global action blockbuster franchises, such as“The Expendables”,“Rocky”,“Rambo”, “Hell Boy”,“The mechanic”,“London has fallen”,“300” and others. Fight to Fame is planning to arrange those contestants into those movies, just like Jet Lee and Sylvester Stallone established their status by acting in movies like “The Expendables”.

Brand & Film derivatives

Fight to Fame is going to co-develop derivatives with different global fashion brands, sports brands and movies to realize FF token’s utilization in consumption and settlement.


Fight to Fame is going to invest and establish Fight to Fame E-Sports Platform with related action movie franchise.
Goldman Sachs values the market expects it to grow a compound annual growth rate(CAGR) of 22% through 2019, to surpass $1.1 billion.

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Design Leads: Matthias Malmedie, Thomas Allemann

Tech Leads: Moriz Müller, Thomas Schrick

Project Management: Suzana Stein

Design: Tim Allemann

Development: Stefan Hoffmann

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